Well, you know oranges, apples, pineapples and strawberries, lots of vitamins, minerals and good things. but aloe vera! The truth is that it’s a pain in the ass to peel it, but inside that fleshy leaf there are vitamins and minerals, it makes your blood more alkaline and improves digestion… it regulates weight and reduces inflammation, it takes care of your skin… Go on! Let her pamper you like your mummy, but from the inside.

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1 fresh orange squeezed without contamination with the peel oil (yuck!)
½ fresh apple, vacuum-blended (as it should be)
a handful of ripe and juicy strawberries
A big piece of very punky pineapple
And a good piece of fresh organic aloe vera from the Canary Islands, which is carefully peeled with a spoon… really good stuff!


¡Remember that even if they are fresh and unpasteurized, our juices last more than 20 days!