Why live juices?
Our juices, pampering and detox are alive. Why? Because we don’t pasteurise or heat them, we don’t boil them. We squeeze or blend them with great care, using a special machine for each fruit or vegetable and always, always cold. Then we put them in very nice bottles and put them under a lot of pressure in a very cool and expensive machine that fills up with water. By adding more and more water we manage to transmit to the juice a pressure higher than that which a nuclear submarine can withstand (6,000 bars!)
This way we can make them last a little longer if you keep them refrigerated… but their vitamins, their enzymes and their properties are still alive and well to give you all the good stuff when you drink them.

Are they suitable for diabetics?
In our Romantics you will only find fruit and vegetables. No water, no concentrates and above all, no sugar. We do not add anything to them and therefore they are suitable for diabetics although PLEASE NOTE! what they do have is the natural fructose of the fruits and vegetables they are made with. If your doctor lets you eat the fruits and vegetables listed on the label, you won’t have any problems!

And for pregnant women?
Of course! Our juices, pampering and detox are super healthy and I’m sure they’ll be great for your baby! We don’t add sugar or anything else… But they do have the natural fructose of the fruit and vegetables they’re made from, so if you’ve been dosed with fruit, look at the label.

What about coeliacs, intolerants and allergy sufferers?
I’m serious, there are no tricks. Just fruit and vegetables. Nothing else… so if you are celiac, welcome to the natural juices! You can drink and eat all our Romantics! 🙂 And no tricks! We only make natural and fresh juices.
To the intolerant and allergic ones… sorry but you will have to read our ingredient labels if you don’t like any of our vegetables or fruits. What’s there is there… But I’m sure that if you don’t like strawberries, you’ll find a good mango in our family! For those who like colours (and fruits).

Why do you have to drink the vegetables?
Because your mother said so… really! Your mother didn’t tell you to chew 100 times!… No? Well, ours did… and the nutritionists say so, and the Japanese that famous “The Prodigious Above”… and yet we don’t do it. And when you swallow the vegetables without chewing much, your organism does not absorb all the nutrients that they carry, but if you drink them, if you juice them, it is as if you have chewed them a lot and all their good things are absorbed much better 🙂 You are welcome.

Do you want data?
When you chew you absorb about 25% of the nutrients in the vegetables, when you drink them in our DETOX about 94%, it takes!

¿Qué es Cold Pressed?
Well, that’s a couple of cool words in English for “cold pressed”. Quite something, isn’t it? And it’s very unregulated, so if I smash an orange with a hammer inside my fridge at home, I’m technically making a “cold pressed” juice.
But in reality the term was born to say that fruits and vegetables have to be pampered so that they give you the good things they have (that happens with almost everything…) and once they have been selected and picked from the tree, they have to be kept cold and the whole process of extracting the juice (liquefied) or crushed in a place that does not exceed 7ºC. We have been doing this for years… but we don’t just press them, we also use a lot of megamolons for each of the fruits and vegetables in our Romantics. Because if you press them all, sometimes you contaminate the juice with their skin, with the essential oils of the peel or the bacteria that the tubers and roots still have even if they are very clean (like the carrot or the beet).
If you like to be informed, try to see how each brand of juice is made… we, you know, have no secrets 😉

Why not just Cold Pressed?
Well, from what we said before. If you crush citrus fruits, like an orange for example, everything in the peel (dust, dirt, fungicides, bactericides…) gets into the juice through the essential oil that is released when you press it. The oranges have to be cooled, then washed and then “sucked” with a machine we have so that they do not become contaminated… however clean they are. If you want the juice of a pineapple, to give another example, normal cold press machines grate it. With the friction it gets hot and spoiled, and it also oxidizes. We chop it and squeeze it under vacuum with a patented system to avoid oxidation and free radicals as much as possible… come on, cold pressed yes, but not always.

¿Qué es HPP?
It stands for High Pressure Process. You stay the same, don’t you? Because it’s an innovative system that keeps our juices alive and fresh for more days. How? Well, once we’ve made the juice or pampered it with great care, cold and with the right machines, we put it in a very cute little bottle and put it in a very cool machine that very few people in the world have. This machine fills up with water and when it is completely full, we fill it up more and more and more… with water. In this way we increase the pressure to 6,000 bar. The pressure is equally distributed in the liquids, so it is also distributed through our Romantics (that is why among other things we pack in pet and not in glass). With such a high pressure, the bacteria go to sleep and do not change the juice or its properties, instead of fermenting in one or two days like you do at home.

Why are they better than homemade?
For the same reason, it is not good that everything is cold pressed. Let’s see, you go to the supermarket and buy a bag of oranges. You take them home and take out that Braun squeezer we all have. You cut the oranges and press them against the squeezer. The essential oil of the orange peel, full of the dirt in the peel, mixes with your juice and the blades of the juice oxidize the juice as you do it. And if you have one of those squeezers that centrifuge? Well the same thing, we don’t want to depress you but it’s like this… So let us make the juice for you with our cool machines… and if not, better buy organic fruit and eat it by the bite, which is the best thing to do! Nature is our best ally.

What the hell is a smoothie or a mime?
Well, it is a juice but instead of liquefying the fruit, we crush it whole, with all its pulp and fibre. They are denser and more filling, and also have more of the fruit and are more complete.

So… where’s the trick?
There is not. How cool is that!?